Pitching Bloggers

February 5, 2009

Bloggers are bombarded with comments and pitches everyday so it is important to think carefully about how to effectively pitch an idea to them and make it stand out. 

Darren Rowse is a full time blogger and suggests that you become a genuine and active member of the blog that you are pitching to before you make personal contact. He finds that bloggers are much more willing to interact with you if they can see that you’ve gone to the effort of interacting with the content that they’ve written. Be genuine in these interactions, add value to the conversation happening on the blog and show that you’re not just there to take but to give. If a blogger has a genuine connection with you they are much more willing to respond positively to you than if you approach them cold. The longer you interact with them the better.http://www.problogger.net/archives/2007/10/30/how-to-pitch-to-bloggers-21-tips/

 More importantly find out who they are by taking the time to read someone’s bio. The more you get to know the bloggers and they get to know you it is more likely that you will establish friendships and connections with these people and in turn they will be more willing to listen to your pitches and accept them.  Also make sure your pitch is actually relevant to their blog. You don’t want to pitch a product or topic to a blogger who never blogs about that kind of product or idea. Talk directly to the blogger by using their name and referring to their blog do not send an impersonal obviously mass sent e-mail.

Global PR blog week suggests that you should not tell someone that they “must” or “Should” write or story or book a guest. Instead you should explain why the topic is of interest and how this person an expert is worth knowing. After reading this I thought it might be good to add how the topic, issue or guest speaker could benefit them and or their blog.http://www.globalprblogweek.com/archives/the_pr_lessons_of_a_.php

To send schwag or not to send schwag that is the question. Lee Odden said schwag is good and that he is more likely to post a review of a book that was sent to him or leave comments and post a picture of a product if it was sent to him. But be careful their comments will be honest. http://www.toprankblog.com/2006/10/blogger-relations-101/

It is important to remember that bloggers are not traditional media outlets they have no obligations to accept or incorporate your companies new product or idea into their blog. All in all you should respect bloggers just as you would any other media outlet and remember that they are people too and hopefully have lives outside of reading and responding to your pitches.