How PR practitioners are using social media

January 30, 2009

One of the most important things I discovered about public relations and social media is, if your going to do it you better do it well. Not fully understanding social media communities for example, has resulted in far more brand damage rather than audience engagement. There’s an unfortunate history with some PR agencies of brand embarrassments as a result of fake blogs, user accounts on social news sites and fake social network participation.  Where as other PR agencies have been able to fully embrace these shifts at their core, and not only become successfully involved with online communities but have been instrumental at facilitating the public relations practitioners role in the various online channels such as social networking, blogs and search. These agencies are best prepared to represent brands in a win-win situation over those firms that skim social media with drive by pitching and promotion tactics and without a full understanding of the medium.

“The driving force of social media is people’s desire to connect with others” Public relations practitioners have the skills that social media requires. they are good listeners, analyzers, they write with clarity and above all they are excellent communicators and sensitive to the interests and needs of the community or the company’s consumers and employees.

Jason Falls the director of social media for Doe-Anderson believes that in his mind social media is essentially public relations in the online world. “Divide the category up by component — blogs, social networks, microblogging, podcasts/Web TV, wikis/collaborative software — they each ladder in some way to a component of public relations — writing, corporate communications, community relations, media relations, event management”



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